Glasgow University Student Television

Get Involved

Come along to our studio on Mondays at 5pm and discover a world of TV making wonder. We usually film in the studio until around 8pm, then we go to the pub. You can also attend our meetings on Wednesdays at 5pm in the Williams Room, John McIntyre Building , here we discuss plans for future programmes, chat about the latest gossip, and then we have a skills workshop from 6pm-7pm.

GUST attending a concert after interviewing headliners 'Walk The Moon'

You should join GUST if you can relate to any of the following:

  • You want a career in TV
  • You want experience of studio work
  • You want to learn how to use a camera
  • You want to interview bands
  • You want to go to gigs
  • You want to meet nice people
  • You want to go to the pub
  • You want to learn how to edit
  • You want to do something on Mondays and Wednesdays
  • You want to go to the pub
  • You want to make news
  • You want to party.

To join us, just come along to a meeting or studio recording! Or, even better, find us at our various Freshers’ Week events.



Our meetings start at 5pm on Wednesday afternoons in the Williams room, located on the first floor of the sexy John Mac building. There’s no free tea and cake, but laughs are a plenty and you can share your ideas with like minded people and hopefully get some plans down to film! After our meeting there is a workshop at 6pm-7pm, where pros from the industry come along and tell you how to do things.

Production Meeting

Studio Recording


Meeting times may be revised at the start of term. Check back here in time or just follow our Facebook and Twitter pages to stay informed of any last minute changes.


GUST's outside broadcast gallery for SRC election night

Elections are held twice a year, before christmas and before the spring break. Every active member of GUST can stand for the offered positions.

Election forms require two signatures from other GUST Members (Proposed, Seconded). These lists will be brought to meetings prior to the elections and also posted in the office. Elections take place during either a Studio Night or a Production Meeting as announced in due time, and all present members are eligible to vote.

If you think you might be interested in taking up a position, chat to whoever is holding it at the moment (you can find out on our Team Page). They’ll surely be happy to let you watch over their shoulder! However, don’t be intimidated by all these positions — GUST thrives on extraordinary projects and everyone can always pitch ideas, get a team together, and just make things happen.


The Spring Elections take place before the Easter Break. Handover is after the NaSTA Conference (typically late April)

Management Team:

  • Controller
  • Heads of Programming (Factual and Creative)
  • Technical Coordinator

Other Annual Positions:

  • Webmaster
  • Publicity Coordinator


Winter and Spring Elections take place before the Christmas and Easter Breaks.

  • All Producers (Arts, Music, Film, News, Sports, Clubs/Societies, Lifestyle, Science) and Assistant Producers
  • Broadcast Coordinator
  • Graphics/Animation Coordinator
  • Creative Projects Coordinator