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This should be a left-aligned paragraph.

This should be centered.

this should be right-aligned.

This should be a blockquote.

  • UL
  • UL
  1. OL
  2. OL
    • second level, ul

Can we even strike through? This is bold, this is italic, and this is a different colour (please never use this). We can also insert links.

WordPress has headings: This is h1.

A random paragraph inbetween headings



who needs H4

so on.



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Gust Ceilidh

Gust Ceilidh

This is the following paragraph


This is the previous paragraph

This is the following paragraph

Bigger Pictures

Fangnam (10)

Will it float?

Fangnam (16)

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To avoid the next paragraphs also wrapping around the image, you need to clear the float manually by inserting a <br style=”clear:both” /> at the breakpoint, in the “Text” (html) editor. this is annoying.

More special tags

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