GUST has access to an actual television studio that is run by the University’s Media Services for in-house productions, Film & TV classes and, of course, GUST. It’s located in Southpark House.

We have three cameras, a lighting rig, a talkback communications system and a gallery with vision mixer, sounddesk, camera control unit, lots of screens, and crazy people.

The studio is normally used for teaching for the Film & TV degree courses, but once a week they make room for GUST to take over!


Studio Roles

In GUST, everyone gets a shot at everything there is to do in a TV studio. More experienced GUSTies will gladly give you a hand if you want to try something new for the first time. There are many very important jobs, and everyone needs to work together to produce a high quality programme — from the producers organising guests and writing scripts, to the presenters standing in front of our cameras.

Much more detail about all roles and tips can be found in the GUST Guide, a copy of which you can request from the Technical Coordinator.


The studio is located in the basement of Southpark House (on the corner of Gibson Street and Southpark Avenue). For our weekly recordings, we often meet in the GUST Office beforehand and then head over together – so don’t worry if you have no clue how to find the studio!