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NaSTA is only two weeks away and we’re so excited to showcase all the amazing content GUST has produced this year… and, ya know, get pissed. We spent most of the last two months preparing for this incredible conference, and having some classic GUST fun along the way in our studios.

Charley painted us to filth in her Arts makeup-related session, whereas Rebecca made us sweat in an 80s style workout video – which you can now do yourself at home (https://gust.tv/watch/gust-a-go-go/)! In Sophie’s Comedy & Drama studio we discussed conspiracy theories, whilst Jamie’s News studio quizzed us on our knowledge of the latest events in the world.

Katie invited three characters into her Lifestyle studio to create what some people may call ‘art’ (looking at you, Yummy Mummy), whilst Shaun and Aidan battled it out in the Big Fat Club Soc Quiz of the Year. Our last studio was a trip down memory lane where we said a heartfelt goodbye to our fourth years, who we will dearly miss.

We also had our general elections this year where we ushered in a brand-spanking new Top 4 as well as new producers for the upcoming semester! Come July, we’re sure they’re going to be ready to tackle the world.

And at the end of March, of course, our annual ceilidh, where we showcased our dance moves to the entirety of the GUU. The next-day embarrassment was… well… quite sizeable.

Upcoming projects

Have a look at some of the projects we have coming up from April through next year (September), and let us know if you’d like to get involved!
50s shorts series – contact Katja Kraljevic for details
Bake sale – contact Molly McKeagney for details

We’re gonna miss you guys!

Nuggets of Hopedom

“What does tech mean to you?” -Hope
“What does art mean to you?” -Hope
“What does science mean to you?” -Hope
“What does lifestyle mean to you?” -Hope
“What does sport mean to you?” -Hope
“What does clubsoc mean to you?” -Hope
“What does music mean to you?” -Hope

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