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We know you missed us over December, but let’s be real… exams had to take priority. So fittingly, our first studio back was a late late Christmas party which you can check out here, because what’s GUST without a gaff? Next, Robin treated us to a quiz during his Music studio, featuring a guest appearance by GUST’s new favourite band, 2 Blue.

Alice’s Science studio was a sex-themed podcast, chilled out and perfect to educate you for Valentine’s Day! And, of course, we had our Best Broadcaster studio on the 28th. Thank you to everyone who took part, we’re so excited for you to see it – keep your eyes peeled for late February, when we’ll be publicising it!

Upcoming projects

Have a look at some of the projects we have coming up in February, and let us know if you’d like to get involved!
Doc in a Day – contact Jenni Herd for details
GUST Asks – contact Jamie Graham for details
Traffic light musical – contact Sophie Albee-Scott for details
Short film – contact Armand Daniaud for details

A cheeky little filming throwback

With NaSTA season coming up you’ll see a lot of programmes heading your way this month, so keep your eyes peeled on gust.tv to see the amazing content we’ve created. Have a great February and we’ll see you soon!

Nuggets of GUSTdom – the Rowan edition

“No Anna today, so just the mation.” -Rowan
“Bear with us. Two seconds. Oh wait, that’s the wrong one.” -Rowan

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