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Laser tagging!


Sam, our social convenor, treated us to some laser tag on the 8th of November – we truly looked like a squad. Our Christmas dinner was held on the 26th of November at the Record Factory, our weekly pub. We just wanna give them a shout out and say thank you for the amazing food! It was so, so tasty, and the vibes were very wholesome – pictures will be up soon on our Facebook page, so keep an eye out!

Naturally, we also got up to some ‘work.’ Ivan’s Arts studio featured a quiz where Patrick was re-tested on some… familiar questions. At Isabel’s Clubsoc studio, you could say that we were… triggered. And naturally, we had some hot takes at Ben’s music studio (rest in power, stomachs of the top 4).

Upcoming projects

Have a look at some of the projects we have coming up in November, and let us know if you’d like to get involved!
– Experimental Shorts – contact Hope Doolan for details
– Us (short film) – contact Mari Wall for details
– Comedy musical – contact Sophie Albee-Scott for details
– Comedy script – contact Katja Kraljevic for details

Behind the scenes at GUSA filming

Merry Christmas, friends! We hope you’ve had a fantastic November and are ready for the ho-ho-holidays – and remember, whatever you’re into, get into GUST.

Nuggets of GUSTdom

“My tongue is throbbing” – Hope, after eating spicy wings
“How can a fully grown woman be 5 foot?” – Caola
“She didn’t die, she just ran away to a farm” – Rowan
“Your dreams can come true, you just need to write some raunchy porn” – Caola
“It could be like a Christmas Madonna bra!” – Rebecca

No caption needed

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