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A bunch of subcrawling legends


Rest In Power, Patrick Simpson – our Controller was brutally murdered by none other than Kat on the 1st of the month. Fortunately, after the mandated mourning period of 20 minutes we were able to move on; the short films, documentaries and scripts our talented GUSTies have been working on were able to take their minds off the pain. On the 3rd we had a clothing drive to raise money for the station. And then we all got pished at the subcrawl on the 5th! The theme was Netflix and Crawl, so of course we came in with our best TV/film costumes. Truly style icons.

Naturally, we had some great studios this month as well. In Charley’s Lifestyle studio, we took Loose Women and turned it into Tight Men: we think our version is way better. Charlene’s first News studio tested our knowledge of current events with some amusing games. During Martin’s Comedy & Drama studio, Patrick (Rest In Power) was deposed as the head of our station and replaced with Robin, who is clearly way better. Lastly, in Alice’s Science studio, some very tipsy GUSTies played scientist, with hilarious results (as you’d expect).

Spot the difference

Upcoming projects

Have a look at some of the projects we have coming up in November, and let us know if you’d like to get involved!

– Experimental Shorts – contact Hope Doolan for details

– The Real Housewives of GUST – contact Kieren McKenzie for details

– GhostGUSTers – contact Alice Graham for details

– Us (short film) – contact Mari Wall for details

– GUST Bake Sale – contact Molly McKeagney for details

A whole lotta filmin’ goin’ on…

We hope you had a lovely October and are looking forward to the rest of your November! To finish off, as always, have a bite out of the big apple of GUST’s best quotes.

Nuggets of GUSTdom

“No new news” – Chris

“My name is Mandy and my occupation is a trader” – Rosie

(looks at a photo of Jenni’s father) – “I wish I had one of those” – Kat

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