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Our Top 4 for 2018-19!


September was a wild ride, but we’re so glad to be back at uni (well, some more than others maybe…) and back into the swing of things. The first weekend of September, we held our inaugural GUST Bootcamp, where old and newer GUSTies alike refreshed their technical and on-camera skills, as well as had a scavenger hunt and later on, a Sports Day! We also turned 54 this month, so that was a lot of fun, too. (The secret to our beautiful skin is lots of moisturiser.)

Oh yeah, and Freshers’ Week happened… need we say more?

Once uni officially started, we dived right into our first and second studios and welcomed so many new people to the team! During our first studio, we filmed some dramatic readings and created some groovy new idents. Our second studio was Sports Producer Shaun’s very first, and we did the classic beer pong sports quiz where everyone found out just how misinformed we all are. (No, Kieren, a swimming pool is NOT the same size as a table tennis table.)

Some new GUSTies out filming during our first studio!

At by-elections we finally ended up with a full team! Our newly crowned GUST Semester 1 team members include:

Webmaster: Alex
News Producer: Charlene
Broadcast Assistant: Julia

Upcoming projects

Experimental Shorts – contact Hope Doolan for details
Anywhere You Go (short film) – contact Anna Shams Ili for details
Please Leave Me (short film) – contact Katja Kraljevic for details

We hope you’ve enjoyed September just as much as we have, but until October finishes, we’ll just leave you with some beautiful, beautiful quotes from our lovely GUSTies. Adieu!

Nuggets of GUSTdom

“I’m good at being dead” – Ivan
“Do you call Denmark?” – Maja
“Don’t be a bunkmate with Meryl Streep, she’s fucked” – Kieren
“Chicken seizure sandwich” – Charley

Whatever you’re into…

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