Halloween G-Spot

In this spooky edition of G-Spot we have some suggestions for you on how to make delicious Halloween cookies and pumpkin latte, what costume to choose and how to rock a zombie make-up!

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Rogue Agent

GUST is proud to present its first-ever gameshow, Rogue Agent.

Watch as our two unions, the GUU and the QMU, take on each other in pursuit of gameshow glory.

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Freshers’ Week — Monday

Get ready for the Best Week of Your Life, L I V E. We caught up with everything you crazy cats got up to on this glorious first day.

– Your weekend antics caught on camera
– Impromptu Murano Street chit chat
– The *ERMAHGHERD IT’S THE* Emerald Armada, the delightful Dirty Beggars and the Amazeballs Admiral Fallow.
– Drumsmithbassline & Jakwob. WUB WUB WUB.
– Reggie Yates spinning the decks and all of you dancing like boom boom pow.

Enjoy. Love GUST xxx.

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GUST Freshers’ Guide 2012

Log on to GUST’s guide to Glasgow University campus. Embark on an epic quest taking you through the unions, sports facilities, the SRC, library, and other essential locations.

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Stop laughing, I am German!

GUST films and interviews Christian Schulte-Loh during his hit show Stop laughing, I am German! Blackfriars Basement, Thurs 22nd March 2012.

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Art’s Greatest Rivalries: Blissett vs Other

In part two of our series on the art collective W.A.W.A., G-Spot brings together Luther Blissett and T.H.E. Other together for the first time since the Abomination event. The two talk candidly about their careers, and what caused the shocking events of that night.

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Members’ Lounge March 2012

The latest Members’ Lounge programme is brought to you by our 2 Diamond Members, Callum and Anna. Featuring all the recent events of the Dialectic Society, the GU Business Club and a chat with the SRC’s Amy Johnson about RAG week.

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The Gusties want to introduce themselves. Our brand new station promo.

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