The Beat – Spring Edition

This time we take you to the best music venues in town, discuss the results of the HMV financial crisis and introduce you to the Glaswegian band The Pretty Mess…

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A Wild Bunch

A candid insight into the smooth operations within Glasgow’s premier student television station. America has Modern Family – We have GUST!

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Rogue Agent

GUST is proud to present its first-ever gameshow, Rogue Agent.

Watch as our two unions, the GUU and the QMU, take on each other in pursuit of gameshow glory.

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The Review Show — Autumn 2012

Welcome to the Review Show, Glasgow’s guide to all things cultural. In this show, we’ll be taking a look at film,music and art around the city and beyond…

In this programme, we discuss:

-Andrew Dominik’s latest flick ‘Killing Them Softly’

-The Rembrandt exhibition at The Hunterian

-Mumford & Sons latest album, ‘Babel’

So pour yourself a brew, get comfy and join in the chit chat!

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