1. Will I ever tire of masturbating to GUST? Who knows?

  2. Boston Bruins (Ice Hockey), American football, its all the same really. You your wear a Man U jersey to a promote a rugby match?

    • Jericho Reid

      The Bruins jersey is just in the general titles, due to the team colours fitting with GUSA’s. It’s being used to promote the notion of “SPORT” rather than anyone in particular.

      And no. I my never wear a Man U jersey under any sort of circumstances.

      • The lovely lady wearing the Bruins jersey is wearing eye black, something you wouldn’t do for ice hockey since its played indoors. You”re flagrantly mixing your non-native sports.

  3. Can’t a TV station funded by the university do better than this, consistently awful programming seems to be the only thing GUST is good at.

    • The station is funded by the SRC, NOT the University, along with raising its own funds by creating promotional videos and hosting events. If you don’t like this programme that is fair enough, but tarnishing the entire content of GUST as ‘awful’ is detriment to the wide range of things the station produces. I suggest giving our News, Music and Film Programmes a shot, or check out our Fresher’s Coverage or Music Videos. There’s a lot of decent content here, and it’s a shame that people much prefer criticising than seeing the great things we’re capable of.

    • First of all Steve, I echo Andy’s sentiments about how our station is funded and the about our other content. Producing programme is immensely challenging (especially when working with a green screen) and comments such as ‘consistently awful’ are simply not productive.

      Secondly, I wish to highlight the fact that people give up a lot of time and effort to produce this programming, that although it does not meet YOUR personal taste, consistently receives praise from others as well as those in the TV industry, who, quite frankly know more about TV than you do!

      We always welcome ‘constructive’ feedback as it is how we grow as a station but your comments are not at all helpful at all. If this is the height of your caliber then please refrain from commenting in the future.

      I hope that you continue to enjoy our programmes, since you seem to be such an avid viewer!

      • Who in the industry could possibly praise this stuff? As someone with experience of the writing and production side of broadcasting, I can tell you that there is no way the level of mistakes in this programme and others would be accepted by anyone involved in real television. We’ve already had a comment from someone complaining that this piece is embarrassing to the team. Working with a static green screen is not difficult, speaking coherently is not difficult, making good television shows isn’t particularly hard either. It’s not about taste, I enjoy sports and sports broadcasting, it’s about doing a decent job that you guys can be proud of. If you’re proud of this, your standards are way too low.

        • Hey, if you’ve got the skills to find this easy, come along and make a programme! New talent always welcome 🙂

          I don’t know enough about the sport to comment on the content, but it’s clear to see a lot of time and effort has gone into the making of this piece, and the end result definitely isn’t as shocking as you make out! Just a wee reminder that this is a student tv station, not a professional broadcasting corporation, with people that volunteer their free time to make stuff.

          So it may not be perfect, and I’m sure the critique is welcome and will be built on in the future, but flaws and all I think these guys did a good job!

  4. Whenever my dissertation writing gets too shit I can smile and know that I can never fail as badly as your team did with this ‘production.’

    Did you actually talk to anyone who understands the sport?

    • What exactly is it that you don’t like about the programme?

      • The clear lack of understanding of the game, laying into the team for losing their opener despite substantial growth, confusing offensive line with wide receivers, the usage of only 3 clips, claiming that the defence is weak against the run despite holding one of the best double wing teams to 12 points, confusing the safety with corner back, ‘sideline reporter’ filmed in Kelvingrove, D-line has relatively deep…err…depth, quarterback’s non-existent ‘tendinitis.’

        If the club had been consulted it wouldn’t have been so ill informed.

        • Although my first comment was probably too harsh I stand by the latter one.

          • You’re right, first comment way too harsh. Secondly, have a think about what you’ve just said… You don’t like the fact that GUST have done something without a clear understanding, and that they’ve been “laying into the team”. What do you think you’re doing to GUST right now? This is clearly the first ‘Black and Yellow’ programme, it is inevitable that mistakes were going to be made, and they are ones they will learn from. Your first comment shows a “clear lack of understanding” of how much time and effort has been put in to produce this, and other shows like it.

          • Trying really hard does not make people immune from criticism.

            Just because it is the first episode does not give you permission to make up things about the team and create an embarrassing video about them.

    • disqus_73Mt6UGtvt

      What exactly is it that you don’t like about the programme?

  5. This is mind blowingly bad…

  6. Lifeisbettergreen

    This. Is. Amazing.

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