Welcome to GUST’s Monday roundup of Freshers’ Week!

We joined the chanting and speeches at the Freshers’ Address, visited you guys as you picked up your Freshers’ Passes from the SRC, played along with Freshers at the QMU’s Speed Mating, and, of course, checked out the main night events at the Unions:

At the GUU, we interviewed headliners We Were Promised Jetpacks and spoke to lots of lovely Freshers during Takeover which saw the entire building transformed into a club.

At the QMU, we caught up with Scott Mills and That Drummer That DJ who both played amazing sets for packed-out Qudos.

You can let us know what you thought of our coverage so far, or join the team making it happen, by joining our GUSTies tomorrow 10-5 at the Freshers’ Fayre, or coming along to our screening at the Andrew Stewart Cinema 1-2pm.

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  1. LOOOKIN GOOOOOD YOU GUYSZ! Wish I was a freshin mondayer too

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