GUST News is back with a brand new (okay, almost brand new) kind of quiz show. Join our host Jericho with special guests Craig Angus, Alexandra Embiricos, Lisa Hogg and Oliver Milne as they take a lighthearted look over the last year’s news from around campus.

Warning: May contain language that some senior management staff may find disturbing.

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  1. Look, from my personal experience I believe that Glasgow Uni currently finds itself in a sad state, people with brains but no hope, qualifications but no real happiness and with a genuine lack of purpose in life. Therefore leading to stupidities like this where people have no better way to fill the time than to jest at every aspect of their life. Supposedly having a good time but in reality covering a huge void in their life which is a result of over inflated egos and huge amounts of pride and which can only truly be filled through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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