ISO-9 is a dystopian/satirical web-series created by Callum McLeod. Set in a bleak future, the world is run by a Media conglomerate, ConCorp. The grateful public laps up the output of their Television stations, and their most popular programme – ISO – is watched around the world, and each series is awaited with eager anticipation. Series 8 showed a man starving to death in a room all on his own, and they loved it. But now, it is time for series 9, and things can only get better.


  1. I like the ambition of this, and it’s really well shot and acted. It’s just the content that’s the problem.

    The premise is ok, though it suffers from Black Mirror recently being out and being more sophisticated, but a lot of the dialogue is terrible, especially the therapy scene.

    Decent, especially for student TV, but could have been so much more …

  2. Jack Donaldson

    Absolutley Mind Blowing Stuff! – Amazing for student tv. MAKE MORE!!!

  3. F*&>ing Fantastic.

  4. What is it’s purpose?

    • Callum Mcleod

      Is this an esoteric appeal to existentialist dread, or do you mean something more precise? 

      • Well, as good looking as it is, these themes are nothing new. What does it bring to the table?

        • I don’t see your point there. Neither Hollywood nor the BBC have new themes in their films/television shows. Nor does student drama. Thus, I am not quite sure what you mean?

          Aside from this: Great one Calum :-). Liked it a lot!

        • Callum Mcleod

          I think that the series, as a whole, portrays an hypothetical extension of our current society and our current relationship with television and with each other. I try to tell the stories of individuals, like Steve and Dean, and show either how they affect the world they live in or how their humanity is defined by their environment, whether that be within Steve’s Executive, within the viewing public or within ISO-9 itself, and so if I can be said to bring anything original to the table, it would be character; even within this opening episode, which is somewhat expository, I have tried to contain the nuances of character which will shape the future narrative e.g. Jennifer’s internal conflict, Steve’s sadomasochism and hubris etc .

          Whether I bring anything original to the table or not thematically, I can’t say. I haven’t seen Black Mirror, though I have read about it. I guess some if not all of the themes have been explored by other artists, however, I did not set out to make a film about X theme, or to be original for the sake of it; I set about to realise my vision based upon a nightmare which reflected my fears and opinions of what sort of future celebrity culture could create. I don’t think I’ve done too badly, either, and I look forward to further exploring the same world and themes in later episodes.

  5. Amazing. Well written, beautifully shot, great acting, awesome score. MORE PLEASE!

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