1. So much admiration for this project and all the people involved. Amazing.

    • Great Work team – this is such a good video. you give us all the strength to keep on fighting those who are against us!

  2. Well Everyone!. Superb video!!!.

  3. Amazing and inspirational video, can agree things do get better in Glasgow!

  4. Matthew Capon

    GUST, sometimes you make something truely, truely special.

    Just brilliant.

  5. Really well done, this is wonderful.

  6. I just cried a little bit… Already emailed to my old high school! 
    Well done Drew, it was fantastic!

  7. this is actually amazing. some achievement guys. who knew Hamish looked so sexy on camera?!

  8. Brought a tear to the eye! Brilliant; thanks for the frank and heartfelt personal stories, which I’m sure will be an inspiration to so many.

  9. A really worthwhile film and all the gorgeous people that were part of it should be proud…that’s all of you! 

  10. Well done guys. x

  11. This is so incredibly touching. Well done everyone ♥

  12. Great work guys, honestly, brought a tear to my eye and hope to my heart.

  13. this is absolutely brilliant. cant thank you all enough for making this 🙂

  14. Excellent! Well done to everyone who took part.  You’ve made a valuable contribution in an invaluable cause!  Makes me proud to be at Glasgow 🙂

  15. Great film, beautiful people

  16. Well done everyone taking part in this great wee film. Very emotional.

  17. im actually not posting anonymously, but just learning how to do it! im 0912527b 

  18. Well done guys, this is amazing!

  19. Ashti Murdochy

    “Everything gets better at Glasgow”
     Amazing, very proud   x

  20. Truly Incredible. Makes me proud to be a Glasgow Uni student.

  21. incredibly honest and brave guys, you have totally inspired me. thank you x

  22. Lauren Inglis

    Fantastic, well done guys! I’ve sent it on to my school too x

  23. Fantastic guys, great job and very insperational.

  24. Is that Almost Lover in the back? I love that song. This was so beautiful – you all are so wonderful and brave. Great video. 

  25. Glasgow holds a special place in our hearts.  It’s one of our favorite places in the world. Thank you so much Glasgow University for stepping up and helping to make things better! Much, much love and admiration to all of you!

    Dan Savage
    Terry Miller
    – It Gets Better Project founders

    • Drew McCusker

      Thank you so much Dan and Terry for not only watching our video, but for making this beautiful thing such a phenomenon! From living here and loving here, I think Glasgow is a place, and has a place, for everybody and this video is just a testament to that. As Sexual Orientation Equality Officer of this Uni and co-coordinator for this project, we were so honoured to follow in your footsteps. Please feel welcome and wanted in Glasgow and at our University anytime! You guys are awesome and Glasgow loves you both to an insaaane degree – THANK YOU SO MUCH!

      Adam SmithDrew McCusker
      Emily Littler
      – It Gets Better Glasgow Project

  26. Makes me wish I was a student at Glasgow Uni 😉

  27. Great film guys! 

  28. Amazing students and staff of Glasgow Uni,
    this Project has been phenomenal, and its reaction unbelievable. Thank you so much to everybody who took part, to everybody who supported the folk who took part, to the parents and teachers that got us through to our tertiary education where it has, most definitely, gotten better. This Project has made Adam and I fall in love with Glasgow all over again.Remember to take care of young people’s feelings, to disapprove and discourage derogatory terms that separate us, to encourage a positive reaction and support to young people, queer and straight, as well as others going through tough times. Our unity makes Glasgow beautiful, and our personal integrity makes us worthy.You’ve done us proud Glasgow, and we can only hope that we have done the same for you,
    Adam, Drew & Emily x

  29. Fantastic Video. Think you hit the nail on the head.

  30. Lynne Jamieson

    Wonderful!  Well done to all involved and carry on the good work.

  31. I never fail to be impressed and proud with this current crop of GUSTies.
    A truly brilliant video. Well done to all involved.

  32. Fantastic work! When our organisation makes it up to Scotland, you’d make excellent role models in schools.

  33. So inspirational. What an amazing video and project, made me feel really emotional guys. congratulations to the brave people featured 😀

  34. Phenomenal! Congratulations to all of you I’m sure this video will help many kids see that it does get better x

  35. So proud to be a Glasgow Uni student today. Very emotional and inspiring. Well done to everyone who was involved <3

  36. As a transgendered man, from the US in his late 50’s., continue to sing this song in your hearts and support one another, always. Your life is certainly worth it.

  37. Rachael Fulton

    Hi there, hoping to write an article about this for the Glasgow Journal, could those involved in the project please get in touch at [email protected]

  38. fantastic, very inspiring.

  39. Marie-Claire

    This is an amazing piece of film, you are all so honest and open. Brought a tear to my eye. Congratulations for such an achievement, really brave x

  40. Gordon & Jerome

    Very touching. Very proud of you all.

    Things definitely get better and better and better….

    Gordon & Jerome (met at the Uni 28 years ago – seems like yesterday).

    Love, love, love.

  41. Guys the video is outstanding, it’s a testament to the wonderful uni we are at, and to yourselves, you should be so proud.  I’m  a straight girl, and i had a relatively easy time at school. But, like everyone, there have been times when I haven’t been so happy, mostly because of a failed relationship. I’ve been told I’m not worthy; I’m stupid; I’m ugly; I’m fat; I’m unpopular, unwanted and unattractive. These are not things that are easy to hear at the age of 17, and they remain with you even into adulthood. Your video is an inspiration to young people of ALL walks of life, who have been told they aren’t worthy. It Gets Better Glasgow. 🙂

  42. Tastefully presented. Very much enjoyed it and considering approaching or thinking about this sort of subject usually makes me feel very uncomfortable as it is not a pleasant time to remember that is an achievement.

  43. Projects like these make me feel proud to be a student at Glasgow University, and to be a part of a modern and accepting world. Congratulations Drew, Adam and Emily – you guys are helping things continue to get better at Glasgow Uni. xx

  44. I want to add my congratulations 
    this is what young people need to know they are not alone I hope this can go to all schools and universities in Scotland and the rest of the UK

  45. Wow that was fantastic! Such an emotional story behind it everyone of the interviewees. Makes me really proud to be at glasgow uni with such amazing people overcoming such hard times in their lives and benefiting so much because of it.

  46. Truley Beautiful work so inspiring thank you x

  47. A truly inspiring video and a wonderful testament to the honesty  of those involved in this project  and to  the commitment to  equality within Glasgow University.Well done to all involved .

  48. Karen Wheatley

    My son is studying at Glasgow Uni.  Makes me feel so glad that he’s at a place where he can be whatever he wants to be. Thank you.

  49. I never experienced homophobia until I came to Glasgow Uni. 

    • That’s really sad to hear Abi. As Sexual Orientation Equality Officer of the UoG, that stands against a Glasgow that I know and would love to talk to you about it to see how we can obliterate homophobia in our community. Please contact me through the SRC website, and I’m sure we can win against this together.

  50. Wow! I must say this video has really convinced me on coming to glasgow. I’m gay but and would love to come out at such an awesome university!

  51. Angela McCusker

     Well done Drew and to everyone involved with the project. I am so proud of you for making a difference.Thank you all  for your positivity and for actively making things better  here in Glasgow now!


  52. a very brave and open piece of film here. fantastic project, brought a tear to my eye.

  53. Paul Brownsey

    But it would get still better if every LGBT student at Glasgow University could feel confident that every member of staff would treat students’ LGBT-related problems (e.g. you ‘re homeless because you’ve split up with your partner; you haven’t been able to study for exams because your partner has been having surgery).

    When I was in charge of processing the Philosophy Department’s ‘special consideration’ pleas, I found that heterosexual students were often very ready to bering forward pleas grounded in problems related to their heterosexuality but LGBT students were far more reticent, fearing the problem wouldn’t be taken seriously.  Some gay students told me two years ago they would be scared of staff knowing they were gay. 

  54. great video. I agree with the guy who says the hardest thing about high school is not being who you really are. I’m a third year grammar school student in Glasgow. I haven’t come out (as a gay guy) and so haven’t been bullied but I still feel condensed and restrained for not being able to be myself. Why does everyone have to have a LABEL in schools today. I mean WAKE UP!! this is the twenty first century. Yet still I heard that one of my closest friends was calling me gay behind my back. I just don’t get Why the fuck it matters. Just accept the essence of who I am and don’t put a name on it, The only label I want is my name not everything about me.

  55. I am not a Glasgow University student.  I work in the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. I have just watched the film and it is beautiful, inspiring, honest work. Thank you so much for your film.

  56. …….and believe me, it truly does get better!

  57. Inspirational.  It has got better and, with folks like you all, it’s going to get better yet.

    Thank you.    

  58. This is fantastic

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