1. You should hire yourselves out to do music videos for local bands 😉

  2. Simple yet incredibly effective! DO MORE

  3. wow, this is good. likeylotsy 🙂

  4. This video is so good! I I like the bit with the hair especially…is it full of secrets?

  5. Not that I’m biased or anything-BUT- what a great video. Loved the Black & White gives it a sharp edge overall. Well done great viewing!

    Anon 🙂

  6. Aheadspeath

    top notch….well done indeed, very impressed.

  7. Love it, good video

  8. Love what you’ve done with my song. 

  9. Margaretmazzone

    Fantastic.  Love the black and white. Mx

  10. Very cool ! Get on the corporate video ladder asap!!

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