Tom Clarke interviews Chris Cassells and Lubna Nowak from the the Edward Snowden For Rector Campaign ahead of the 2014  Rectorial election results on the 18th of February. If you haven’t voted in the elections yet you can do so at


Elections close at 4 pm on the 18th and the results will be announced at 5pm in the Bute Hall at the University of Glasgow.


If you are unsure who to vote for then you can find all the Rector candidate manifestos here or check out the Rector hustings coverage on GUST




Directed by Tom Clarke


Presented by Tom Clarke


VTs Presented by Anna Gonzales and Rebecca Corbett


Camera: Kristian Hentschel

Cairan McLaggan

Michael Cugley

Karen Rosendor


Sound: Oscar Schafer

Anna Brock


Lighting: Oscar Schafer

Kristian Hentschel

Floor Manager: Alicja Tokarska

Autocue: Katie Wilson

Edited by Tom Clarke

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