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Art In The Everyday

Passing day to day becomes boring. But what if you could see your surroundings as an outsider, where everything is new and the details stand out.   Growing up my dad always stopped and made me see details. Noticing moving shadows, the light on the side of a building, or […]

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NASTA 2014 – Best Cinematography

The medium is the message, they say, and GUST is all about the message. Our team of talented camera-workers, technicians, and directors work hard to bring you dazzling shots.

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ReFresh 2013

After Freshers’ Week ends, there’s an eerie silence over campus. It’s a silence of confusion, as thousands of students contemplate what to do with their dreary, hungover lives. Luckily, in the meantime, GUST has been training and teaching a new league of Super-GUSTies. Watch as our newbies take on the […]

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