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General Election TV debate

GUST has taken on the challenge of trying out the new multi-party format being implemented for TV debates in the run-up to this year’s General Election. Chaired by the President of the Politics Society, members of the student political societies discuss pressing issues surrounding students and the main problems arising in current party manifestos.

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General Election Leaders’ Debate

GUST brings you to the full coverage of the first Scottish leader’s debate of the general election. Nicola Sturgeon, Jim Murphy, Willie Rennie and Ruth Davidson join in a heated discussion in Glasgow University’s QMU.

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Sorry, I have to disagree

The newest program of our News’ producers Zandi and Jet is about an open forum, featuring students across campus, debating a few of the issues currently affecting students.  

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Glasgow City Council Debate

Ahead of the Glasgow City Council elections, GUST and The Modern Guide hosted a local questiontime-style live debate in the City Council’s Parish Halls. The Panelists are: Gordon Matheson (Labour), Paul Coleshill (Lib Dem), Allison Hunter (SNP), and John Anderson (Conservative). The debate was chaired by Lorraine Davidson. Viewers could […]

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GUST News Debate: Lads Mags on campus

Deborah presents an in-studio debate on the subject of Lads Mags on campus. The Queen Margaret Union recently decided to no longer sell the publications in their shop, after a petition from the Feminist Society.

Panel Members:

Amy Westwell, Glasgow University Feminist Society
Liam Hainey, Honorary Secretary, Queen Margaret Unioin
Imogen Dewar, GUU Debating Society
Chris Sibbald, President, Glasgow University Union

Got an opinion on this subject? Leave your comments below or join the debate on the GUST Facebook page.

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Freshers Week 2010 – Saturday Debate

Pole dancing and intelligent discussion in the same room? At the GUU? Sounds unlikely, but that’s exactly what happened on Saturday of Freshers’ Week 2010 at Glasgow Uni. Students, politicians and members of the Pole Dancing Club battled it out in the debates chamber over the motion “This house condemns pole dancing”. The Club also presented a live demonstration of their dancing, for illustrative purposes only, you understand. Be prepared for slick pole moves, fierce debate and skimpy clothing.

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