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Murano Cribs

GUST gets an exclusive look inside a Fresher’s Crib at Murano Street Student Village.

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Freshers’ Guide 2014

Freshers’ Guide 2014 gives you a POV of a nervous fresher arriving at his halls, meeting his flatmate and touring campus, learning exactly what the University has to offer.

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Freshers’ Week 2013: Friday

Unfortunately Freshers’ Week had to come to an end, as all good things tend to. We’re here to help you relive the memories of Friday…..

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Freshers’ Week — Monday

Get ready for the Best Week of Your Life, L I V E. We caught up with everything you crazy cats got up to on this glorious first day.

– Your weekend antics caught on camera
– Impromptu Murano Street chit chat
– The *ERMAHGHERD IT’S THE* Emerald Armada, the delightful Dirty Beggars and the Amazeballs Admiral Fallow.
– Drumsmithbassline & Jakwob. WUB WUB WUB.
– Reggie Yates spinning the decks and all of you dancing like boom boom pow.

Enjoy. Love GUST xxx.

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