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Freshers’ Address 2013

Chanting, chanting, and lots of chanting. That’s the first sound our new Freshers heard when they walked into the Grand Bute Hall for their Freshers’ Address this morning.

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Freshers’ Guide 2013

Starting University is a big change. Bigger than like.. moving from Africa. New meat like you needn’t worry though! Join Glasgow’s own Janis and Damien as they take you on a whistlestop tour of campus and fill you in on all the things a little slice like you should know during Freshers’ Week. From Student Media to Student Bodies, Food to Fitness, it’s going to be so fetch!

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Freshers’ Week 2013 Countdown

Some memories last a lifetime. Lucky for you, GUST is here to make sure Freshers’ Week is one of them. In the meantime, why not look through our daily programmes from Freshers’ Week 2012 for a taste of what’s to come!

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SRC Elections 2013: Punditry

We got some of Glasgow University’s most prominent sabbaticals, hacks and memes into the same room for an hour, and had them play some games. Widely regarded as one of the funniest live broadcasts GUST’s produced in recent years, this is the SRC Elections Punditry 2013. It should be noted […]

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Rogue Agent

GUST is proud to present its first-ever gameshow, Rogue Agent.

Watch as our two unions, the GUU and the QMU, take on each other in pursuit of gameshow glory.

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Freshers’ Week — Thursday!

Better late than never…it’s Thursday! We catch up with all the latest around campus: – We check the QMU Freshers’ Ball – Catch up with the GSDC Flashmob – Visit the SRC’s Cultural Carnival – and of course, pop down to the GUU for a round of Dodgeball! Slip into […]

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