These are the people overseeing the making of GUST.

This page has been updated with the results of the 2011 Spring Elections and subsequent amendments made at the beginning of the term.

Top Four


Emily Littler — [email protected]

Heads of Programming

Nailah Clair Blissett — [email protected]
Head of Creative Programming

Daniel Laird — [email protected]
Head of Factual Programming

Technical Coordinator

Douglas Aithie — [email protected]


News Editors

Tom Rigg and Bobby Rae — [email protected]

Music Editors

Euan Murphy and Andrew Lindsay — [email protected]

Sport Editors

Matthew Cowan and Scott Tumilty — [email protected]

Arts Editor

Lisa Hogg and Rebecca Nelson — [email protected]

Film Editor

Niall Day — [email protected]

Clubs and Societies Editor

Grace Kirkwood — [email protected]

Creative Editor

Jess Bell — [email protected]

Technical Positions and Coordinators

Ass. Tech

Calum Brookes — [email protected]


Kristian Hentschel — [email protected]

Publicity Coordinators

Andrew Headspeath and Fiona Gallie — [email protected]

Broadcast Coordinator

Florian Lueke — [email protected]

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