These are the people overseeing the making of GUST for the first semester of 2013/2014.

Top Four


Alicja Tokarska[email protected]

Heads of Programming

Cairan McLaggan[email protected]
Head of Creative Programming

Madeleine McGirk[email protected]
Head of Factual Programming

Technical Coordinator

Arif Nadeem[email protected]


Hi all, I am Arif! I am studying Aeronautical Engineering and I am the technical GUST-ie!
I love meeting new people and I love spending my time in the television realms.
If you have any technical and non-technical questions you could always ask me- I will be more than happy to help.


Arts Producer

Sarah Battensby[email protected]
» Culture Shock


I’m Sarah – arts producer. I love culture and the arts so this semester I’ll be exploring creative events
in Glasgow and featuring them in my main programme “Culture Shock” but there’ll be other projects
on the side of course too! I also present a little, do camera and sound here and there and I’m an autocue
professional. I’m a smiley, friendly GUSTie so don’t be shy – say hello and get involved!

Clubs and Societies Producer

JJ Tease[email protected]
» Clubsoc

Film Producer

Julian Trejo Pascual  — [email protected]
» The Film Programme


Currently part of an Undergraduate degree in sociology joint with politics at Glasgow University.
I am keen to pursue a fulfilling career in the field of sociological and political aspects of the media.
Based on my relevant experience I’m interested primarily in the areas of film, television, journalism,
photography and photojournalism.

Lifestyle Producer

Sarah Dimmock[email protected]

Music Producer

Adri Forczek[email protected]
» The Beat


Hi, I am the music producer of GUST in this semester and it’s been very exciting so far.
I love filming live events, concerts and interviews, hopefully will show you guys a lot of them!

News Producers

Zandi Coles and Jet Cuthbertson[email protected]
» Pulse


Hi, I’m Jet, and I’m the News Producer for GUST, alongside the wonderful Zandi Coles.
Current affairs and debating are my strong points, so this semester I’m working on
programmes that challenge the student population to think about their thoughts about,
and engagement with, society.I am also a very enthusiastic presenter, wanting to go on
to be a television reporter when I’ve finished my degree. When I’m not asking people
questions, or working on my dissertation, I love to experiment with cooking and baking,
much to my friend’s enjoyment- they even liked blue cheese and caramelised onion muffins!
(Oh, and occasionally, I steal graduation caps, as I’m still a little disappointed that Glasgow doesn’t have them).

Science Producer

Arielle Vishny — [email protected]


I am a newcomer to GUST, but I make up for it by being exhaustingly enthusiastic.
A third  year studying English Literature, I believe science is exciting can be made
accessible to all, even those who’d pick Byron over biochemistry in a heartbeat.
By  semester’s end, I will have both found the humor in physics, and mastered the art
of rolling up cables.

Sport Producers

Conor McNeill and Matthew O’Donnell [email protected]
» Black and Yellow


Assistant Technical Coordinator

Oscar Schafer[email protected]


A second year Computing Science and Economics student I try my best to stay away
from the lens as I assist Arif, our Technical Coordinator, with everything from routine
software installations to our “Tech Training” days. I have since my first studio with
GUST been working with sound, an area I greatly enjoy. Besides GUST I take part
in Model United Nations.

Broadcast Coordinator

Tessy Troes[email protected]


This is my second year in Glasgow – as a music&maths student as well as a GUSTie,
the society I joined in the very first weeks’ of my university career – and I haven’t
regretted it! GUST is a brilliant place to meet new, like-minded people, to produce
creative content and to meet all these people you’ve only known from TV! I was
the ClubSoc editor last year, this year I moved on to the broadcast
coordinator job – which is mainly making sure that all the programs run smoothly and
then put them online.

Projects Coordinator

James Fay[email protected]

Publicity Coordinator

Ania Kochaniak[email protected]


Anastasia Moneva — [email protected]


Hi all! I am Anastasia and I am currently studying Digital Media, Film & TV and Italian.
I am a dedicated Photoshop-er, passionate dreamer and hopefully a future computer animator. I think
I have a creative vision and many ideas, and hopefully I will be able to make the GUST website
experience even greater! I love making new friends, so all of you are more than welcomed!

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