Glasgow University Student Television

Team 2014/15 Semester 1

These are the people overseeing the making of GUST for the first semester of 2014/15.

Top Four


Sarah Battensby[email protected]

Heads of Programming

Jonny Little[email protected]
Head of Creative Programming

Matthew O’Donnell[email protected]
Head of Factual Programming

Technical Coordinator

Oscar Schäfer[email protected]


Arts Producer

Leah Jones[email protected]
» Culture Shock

Clubs and Societies Producers

JJ Tease[email protected]
» Clubsoc

Film Producers

Teddy Hope and Ana Maria Novoa — [email protected]
» Film

Lifestyle Producers

Verena Kramer and Katharina Schütz[email protected]
» Lifestyle

Music Producer

Megan Walker[email protected]
» Music

News Producer

Tanya Zhekova[email protected]
» News

Sport Producers

Patricija Lisovskaja and Conor Morris[email protected]
» Black and Gold

Science Producers

Nina Macdonald[email protected]
» GUST Science


Assistant Technical Coordinator

Brendan Cunningham[email protected]

Broadcast Coordinator

Peter Stewart[email protected]

Publicity Coordinator

Cairan McLaggan[email protected]

Social Convenor

Violeta Tsenova[email protected]


Kristian Hentschel[email protected]