These are the people overseeing the making of GUST for the first semester of 2015/16.

Top Four


Sarah Battensby[email protected]

Heads of Programming

Conor McNeill[email protected]
Head of Creative Programming

Katharina Schütz — [email protected]
Head of Factual Programming

Head of Technical

Brendan Cunningham — [email protected]


Animation Producer

Anastasia Moneva — [email protected]

Arts Producer

Leah Jones[email protected]
» The Art Of…

Clubs and Societies Producers

Alis Reid and Nicole Elizabeth[email protected]
» Clubsoc

Film Producer

Emi Alonso and Diana Dumi [email protected]
» Film

Lifestyle Producer

Susan Yue — [email protected]
» Lifestyle

Music Producer

Stuart Ritchie[email protected]
» Music

News Producer

Rollo Kuokkanen — [email protected]
» News

Sport Producer

Tracy Heindrichs — [email protected]
» Sports

Science Producer

Nina Macdonald[email protected]
» Science


Assistant Technical Coordinator

Tessy Troes — [email protected]

Broadcast and Publicity Coordinator

Jonny Little — [email protected]

Social Convenor

Mhairi Johnstone[email protected]


Joshua Atkins[email protected]

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