Glasgow University Student Television

Team 2017/2018 Semester 2

These are the people overseeing the making of GUST for the first semester of 2017/18.

Top Four


Patrick Simpson — [email protected]

Heads of Programming

Stuart Ritchie[email protected]
Head of Creative Programming

Eilis Slater — [email protected]
Head of Factual Programming

Head of Technical

Christopher Boland — [email protected]
Head of Technical


Animation Producer

Position available — [email protected]
» Animation

Arts Producer

Jenni Herd[email protected]
» Arts

Clubs and Societies Producer

Chloe Bingham [email protected]
» Clubsoc

Film Producer

Martin McHard[email protected]
» Film

Lifestyle Producer

Charley Robertson & Corran Macfarlane — [email protected]
» Lifestyle

Music Producer

Katie McCune[email protected]
» Music

News Producers

Noor Abdel-Razik[email protected]
» News

Science Producers

Alice Graham[email protected]
» Science

Sports Producers

Kieren McKenzie[email protected]
» Sport


Assistant Technical Coordination

Xavier Weiss[email protected]

Assistant Broadcast and Publicity Coordinator

Katja Kraljević[email protected]

Broadcast and Publicity Coordinator

Laura Duff — [email protected]

Social Convenor

Katja Luzar — [email protected]


Anna Shams Ili[email protected]