Glasgow University Student Television

GUST is… “Sexy”

Features, October 12, 2011

GUST is not just for geeks — watch our latest promo!

Clarification (Friday Evening)
First off, we would like to thank everyone who posted constructive feedback in the comments here and on the GUST Facebook Page.

The promo was a piece of experimentation, an attempt to try something new. The next promos will hopefully help to calm things down – gust is versatile, then one set for halloween. Each of which will render a ‘GUST is…’ label to make it recognisable as part of this series. Unfortunately ‘sexy’ was always going to be risky and perhaps more sensitivity in this department should have been taken into account. […] The whole concept in mind being this wide-ranging series that would cut across all genres, forms and styles. There should have been more foresight and indeed the ground around our next ones will be trod upon much more carefully.